BIM THERE, BUILT THAT. Are you ready to build or improve your BIM Department?


Why is 3D-PhD in business?

We think all companies should post their "WHY". Why are we in business? 3D-PhD is in business to help designers and contractors all rise together with the never-slowing and increasing-speed technology tide. There's about 1,000 super-geniuses in the world creating technology, but they are not creating instructions on how to integrate the technology into our businesses. The out-of-the-box instructions are good for box companies, not design and construction companies. 3D-PhD is here to help you navigate what technology will provide you value, how to integrate it into your business, how to develop your staff into design and construction technologists, and be leaders in the field in just a few shorts years. We will experience more technology in the next 100 years than we have in the last 20,000 years. Be proactive, less reactive. Are you ready? Then reach out. If you are not ready, then absolutely reach out right away. How can we serve you?

The BIM Elephant




New to Virtual Design and Construction? Not sure where to start? Not ready to engage but know you have to? We are here and it is less painful than you think.

D/C Technologists


Also known as VDC/BIM Champions. Every company in the built industry needs one. We will educate, train, and mentor the right person for the job in your organization.

VDC/BIM Services


We have been in the industry for over a decade, and we know the good firms that provide modeling and coordination. We will send you to the right people.

VDC Department


 You have seen the ROI of VDC and you are ready to do this in-house? Well let's get to it. We have some work ahead and now is the time to get started.

VDC Department 2.0


You have been running your VDC shop for a few years now, but you need to scale and fast. This is our specialty and we can't wait to dive in. Let us refine your standards and checklists.



We love to share everything we know. Others taught us what we know, and paying it forward has always been our M.O. If you need information for a blog or article we can do that.